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Taiga 2x25l – panniers for adventure & enduro

Enduro Taiga bags were designed for long-distance enduro traveling.

















Combined volume of 50L for both side bags  and additional 45L central roll-bag provide more then 90L of space for luggage, that is more then enough for experienced riders even on longer expeditions.

D-rings for attaching additional straps allow to fit extra baggage on each bag such as sleeping pad or self inflating mattress, small tent or even a bag with food.

All the seams are hot welded and glued, doubled bottom and rim made of strong Cordura fabrics (the most exposed for wear and tear during the infield tests and crashes)












Enduro bags Taiga 2x25L details:

  • Bags are made of 680gr PCV material, all the seams are hot welded and glued.
  • Dimensions of each bag: width 44cm, height 31cm, depth 15cm.
  • Fitting: 2 regulated 25mm straps on the top (across the seat or luggage rack)
    + 4 straps with buckles on sides for attaching on pannier frames
  • High reflective straps located on the sides and front of each bag
  • Back of the bags are also strengthened by 650gr Cordura fabrics
  • All the buckles made by YKK
  • Adjustable elastic strings for fixing small handy objects on the bags
    (such as plastic bottles, gloves, flip flops etc.)
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